Saturday, 28 June 2008

School Ball Bother


Well, I have not been up to much since I have finished school.  I’m so bored and it’s nine days into the summer holidays.  I have been to the cinema a few times with some friends, but that’s it.  Other than that, I have been organising final arrangements for my School Ball, which is taking place tonight in Cardiff Bay.



I’m taking my good friend Kailei as my guest tonight.  I’m excited, but not as half as much as her!  I think that is what everyone is feeling today.  Last week, we had to arrange with another couple (Katie & Adam) a pick-up point for the limo.  What a palaver that was!



Kailei & I had a discussion with the other couple who are going to share the limo with us.  It was agreed that we would be picked up at Katie’s house.  Then we found out that the limo wouldn’t be able to turn in her street, so we thought we’d better change the pick-up point.





Kailei & I suggested that the limo pick us up from the  local pub.  The other couple agreed it would be nice to meet there and have one or two drinks before the Ball.  However, Katie said she would not change the pick-up point of the limo because she wanted to keep her mother happy.



I thought “What has your mum got to do with it?”  After all, she is nineteen and is capable of making her own decisions.  But no, she was standing firm, now she definitely wanted us to go to her house.  I don’t like going to people’s houses that much, unless I know the individual really well.  Otherwise, it gets awkward trying to think of things to talk about.  Later that night, it occurred to me that Katie’s mum may be a show off.



The next day, we made a compromise:  Kailei & I would be picked up at the pub and Katie & Adam would be picked up at Katie’s home.  Neither of us wanted that to happen, but it saves arguments.  I’m looking forward to it.  Both our families are going to meet at the pub to see us off.





A week last Thursday, I missed my suit fitting.  I didn’t even know I had one booked until last Wednesday when I phoned the shop.  I was more annoyed because the boutique had not phoned to remind me of the fitting, as they had promised.  Then, I became concerned in case there were any alterations to be made to the suit, so I rescheduled for the next day.  Touch wood, the suit fitted perfectly, so there were no alterations to be made.  Phew!




So, that’s what I have done this week.  I am really looking forward to the Ball now, as time draws near.  I am armed with my digital camera as usual.  So, I will take lots of pictures – that’s if the batteries don’t run out.



Thursday, 19 June 2008

School's Out Forever!

Today was my last-ever day at school.  I can’t quite believe how quickly it has come and gone.  I was bit teary his morning, however, I now see it as a new beginning.  I went around school saying goodbyes this morning, and then this afternoon I had my final exam.


You could say I stayed at school right until the end because I had to stay an hour after the bell to finish my exam.  It went extremely well and I am very happy right now.  What will I do tomorrow now I have no school?


I’d like to thank the staff members for all the help, support and encouragement they have given over the last seven years.  I have also made some wonderful friends along the way.  I’m going to miss you all and will definitely keep in touch!


Frank Sinatra – ‘My Way’


Monday, 2 June 2008

'8 for 8' Game

I’ve been tagged by Morgan of “Random Thoughts“to play “8 for 8”.


The aim of the game


Set your iPod, mp3, whatever you've got to shuffle and write down the first eight songs that play...

O.K, here goes:


  1. Fleetwood Mac – Songbird
  2. The Beautiful South – Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)
  3. Des’ree – Life
  4. The Beatles – Hey Jude
  5. Amy Winehouse – I Heard Love Is Blind
  6. Scouting For Girls – Elvis Ain’t Dead
  7. Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise
  8. Frank Sinatra – New York, New York


There we have it, that wasn’t so bad after all.  A mix of rock, pop and jazz from the 1980’s the present day.  I’m glad my iPod has been nice to me, and decided to play some songs I like.  


Now it’s your turn!  I tag:

Ally, Donna, Jeannette, JoanLinda, Missie, Sugar and ZoĆ«


Have fun!