Friday, 25 May 2007

Ibiza, here we come!


This will be my last entry for a week because tomorrow I am going on holiday to Ibiza.  I’ve been to Ibiza a few times before, but now my parents and I are going to a different part.  I’m looking forward to it more than ever now because my English exam is over with.



I’m taking my digital camera so I promise to take lots of photographs to show you all.  I’ve got books to read, my iPod and plenty of maths past papers to revise from.  I’ve been warned by many people not to revise too much and cram my brain with loads of information.  Imagine me on the beach, drink in one hand, revision paper in the other… All that’s missing from the equation is a beautiful girlfriend, lol!



Have a brilliant week, andI’ll post when I’m back.  I’ve disabled the Alerts for the time I’m away.  If I don’t do that, I’ll be emendated with them when I get back.  Please could you sign my Guestbook on my sidebar if you haven’t already?  Thanks.


Ciao for now!


The Corrs - 'Summer Sunshine'.


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

One down, two to go!

Has it really been 10 days since I wrote my last entry?  Wow, time really does fly!  I’ve done nothing but revise since I last posted.  I know it’s boring, but it has to be done!  The English Literature examination went really well!  All that stress, pressure and worry… what on Earth did I do that for?  In the end I felt very foolish.


I had three exam papers to complete.  One paper was on the topic of “King Lear”, “Emma” and Seamus Heaney poetry.  Each paper lasted one hour.  I had 20 minutes extra at the end of each paper and an amanuensis (someone to write on my behalf).


I find it easier that way.  Due to my condition Cerebral palsy I am a very slow writer.  If I was left on my own to complete the paper I probably wouldn’t finish it.  


I feel so relieved that exam is over with now.  Everything I’d revised came up, and it’s put me in good stead for the Health & Social exam on 6th June.


Have a great evening.



Saturday, 12 May 2007

It's that time of year again!


Tonight Terry Wogan commentates through the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest.  The musical extravaganza shall take place in the Finnish capital Helsinki, where a record 42 countries compete to win the trophy.


Pop quartet Scooch have been chosen to represent the United Kingdom, with a song called “Flying the Flag (For You)”.  Can they restore some national pride in Finland and become the first British act since Katrina & the Waves 10 years ago to win the contest?  Anything can be better than the dreadful duo Gemini who scored nil points in 2003!


Tune in tonight at 8pm on BBC1 to find out…


Katrina & the Waves – “Love Shines A Light” (1997 Winner)

Scooch – “Flying the Flag (For You)” (2007 entrant)

Where have the years gone where good songs were entered into Eurovision?  What do you think of the Contest?  Do you think it should carry on, or should it all end?






Friday, 11 May 2007

When it Rains, it Pours

Where’s all the lovely summery weather we were having a few weeks ago?  Is Mother Nature getting her seasons muddled?  It’s been raining in Wales for the past three days.  I do not like the rain, it depresses me.


Revision is another thing that gets me down especially if the weather is fabulous outside.  But it has to be done!  It’s essential for passing examinations.  My first A/S exam is on the 22 May.  It’s English Literature and I have three papers to sit on the one day.  I suppose it’s better to kill two birds with one stone.


Talking of English Literature, last month I had to write an essay for coursework to go towards my final result.  It was about the lead character of “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.  One critic argued he is a sexist character, the other thought of him as a Christ-like figure and I had to say who I agreed with.


Well, I had a B-grade!  I’m so chuffed!  I had 17 out of 25, which was four marks of an A grade.  Mind you, I’m a little gutted about that.  I had the second highest mark in the class, Woo hoo!


I got a C-grade in my latest Health and Social Care assignment I had 43 out of 60, which is ONE mark of a B-grade.  One mark, I am still pleased though!  It was an assignment about caring for an elderly person, the type of barriers they face and their rights.  It was interesting to complete, but a bit repetitive.  I only hope I do this well in the examinations over the next few months.


Hope all is well with you in J-land.



Sunday, 6 May 2007

A Day Out

Well, what a busy week I have had!  I decided to go to Cardiff shopping on Friday with my mum.  I have not been to Cardiff for a few months, so I thought it would be a nice day out.  Luckily my UCAS card arrived that morning!  The UCAS card is a card available to all students and if you use if in specific shops you can get discounts and points towards your university application.


We took a look around some of the shops.  I bought some English Literature revision guides to prepare me for the A/S examination in three weeks.  I have all three exams in one day.  I feel daunted by that, but I suppose it’ll be better to get them over and done with.


I also bought Anthony Horowitz' latest book in the “Power of Five” series called “Night Rise”.  I’ve resisted temptation to start reading so far.  I think it’ll be best to save that novel for when I go on my holiday in two weeks. 


I love Anthony Horowitz’ books!  I bought the “Alex Rider” series to read while on holidays last year, and they were the best books I’ve read in a while.  I could not put them down!  Every page was filled with excitement, suspense and adventure, so thrilling!  If you have not read them yet, I highly recommend you do.  For more information visit:


Fantastic Fiction ~

(thanks to Joan for the link)


I also bought some coloured post-it notes from WH Smith.  I was told they would be handy for revision.  I bought a small box of 500.  There was no price on the box, so I assumed they were the same price as the others.


My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I realised they cost £8.99. “Oh my goodness, what an outrageous price!” I hear you cry at your computer screen.  I know, I totally agree!  I wheeled myself back to the shop and got a refund, and then I bought cheaper ones for £3.00.


I decided to treat myself to a new hairstyle while in Cardiff.  My local salon is under renovation so I went to a professional barber.  He cut my hair using an old-fashioned razor.  I think it’s the best haircut I’ve ever had in my life!  It cost £11 and really worth the price.  I took some photos on my phone of my new hairstyle.  I shall try to transfer them to my computer soon to show you all.


Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

More News

Hi everyone!


How are you all?  Hope you are well in J-Land.  What beautiful weather we are having in Wales at the moment.  May is my favourite month of the year. The beginning of long, drawn-out nights of summer, I just love it!


Today I went to see the dermatologist about the ‘skin tag’ on my back.  Dr. Morgan ran a few tests and confirmed it WAS a mole.  Perfectly harmless, even though it’s gotten bigger.  It’s not cancerous, thank goodness.  I’ve been worrying for months over nothing!


He said it would be fine to leave it on my back, but it’s very likely to burst like before.  Then he suggested having an operation to remove the mole.  I have decided to have to operation, as the mole makes me feel very self-conscious. 


I have now been put on the waiting list and shall know in due course the date of the operation.  Dr. Morgan said it would most probably be in the month of September.


Have a great day!