Friday, 29 September 2006

Response to E-Mail Questions

I have received quite a few e-mails asking me the same questions so I have decided to answer them here, on my journal.  That way you will all know the answers.

1.  First Name? - Leigh

2.  Middle Name? - Thomas

3.  Are you named after anyone?- No, but people have been named after me.

4.  When did you last cry? - A while ago.

5.  Do you like your handwriting? - Sometimes.

6.  What is your favourite lunch meat? - Ham.

7.  Children? - None yet, but I love some in the future.

8.  Would you be friends with you? - I like to think so.

9.  Do you have a journal? - Yes, I am writing it at this moment.

10. Do you use sarcasm a lot? - Me... never! (LOL!)

11. Do you still have your tonsils? - Yes.

12. Would you Bungee Jump? - Maybe, for charity.

13. Favourite cereal? - Kellogg's Frosties.

14. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? - Yes.

15. Do you think you are strong? - No.

16. What is your favourite ice cream flavour? - Vanilla

17. Shoe size? - 6 (UK size).

18. Red or Pink? - Red.

19. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?  - My total lack of confidence, and paranoia.

20. Whom do you miss the most? - My aunty

21. Do you want everyone to send this back to you? - No, that is why I am answering on my journal.

22. What colour pants and shoes are your wearing? - Blue jeans, green t-shirt and socks.

23. Last thing you ate? - A cheese and onion sandwich.

24. What are you listening to right now - Red Dragon FM (local Welsh radio station).

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? - Blue.

26. Favourite smell? - Baking bread, frying bacon, the ocean.

27. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? - My grandmother.

28. The first thing you notice about people you are attracted to? - Their eyes.

29. Do you like the person who sent this to you? - Several people sent it to me and I like them all.

30. Favourite drink? - Tea.

31. Favourite sport? - Swimming.

32. Hair colour? - Dark brown.

33. Eye colour? - Blue

34. Do you wear contacts? - No.

35. Favourite food? - None in particular.

36. Scary movie or happy ending? - Both.

37.  What colour shirt are you wearing? - Green.

38. Favourite dessert? - Strawberry cheesecake.

39. Who is most likely to respond? - Anybody can leave a comment if they wish.

40. Least likely to respond? - John Lennon.

41. What book are you reading? - 'Emma' by Jane Austen, and 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' by Ken Kesey, for my English Literature A-Level course.

42. What's on your mouse pad? - I do not own a mouse pad, I have an optical mouse.

43. What did you watch on t.v. last night? - 'Ladette To Lady' on ITV1.

44. Favourite sounds? - The ocean.

45. Rolling Stones Or Beatles? - The Beatles.

46. The farthest you have been from home? - Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

47. This question has disappeared into cyberspace.

48.  See 47.

49. Do you have a special talent? - I like to think I write and sing pretty well.

50. When and where were you born? - I was born on 12th December 1989, in a hospital, South Wales.

Hello Autumn



I hear the songs, of autumn singing,

The wind, it hurries through the trees.

The air is getting crisper daily,

A chilly nip, is in the breeze.


The katydids, in raspy chorus,

and crickets too, join in the song.

Reminder that, there comes upon us,

another season, won't be long.


The birds now gather, for their journey,

they gossip loudly, as they fly.

Their destination, still uncertain,

just heading south, to warmer skies.


And even butterflies, are going,

their darting seems, to have no plan.

But if we study them, more closely,

they're headed south, to warmer land.


The forest dressed, in all its splendor,

intoxicating, views abound.

All up and down, our lovely valley,

and mountain sides, of country towns.


The leaves are searching, for a new home,

they flutter down, on wings of gold.

The trees they left, are looking lonesome.

abandoned soon, to winters cold.


The pumpkins waiting, for the kitchen,

with shocks of corn, in fields once green.

The season soon, will call together,

our friends and kin, so long unseen.


Boots and mittens, make their showing,

with Christmas things, on shelves in stores.

Lawn mowers now, go on vacation,

snow shovels soon, prepare for chores.


There seems to be, a certain sadness,

another year, has come and gone.

The next one waits, around the corner,

adventures new, and memories born.


Already daffodils, are planning,

to welcome back, from its sojourn.

Their faces searching, toward the heavens,

first robin here, on its return.


By Nevin Hawlman.


Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Cooking Tea and A Night In with Emma

Move over Jamie Oliver, Leigh is here to take your crown!




Earlier on I made “Toad in the Hole” for my tea.  For people who don’t know it is sausage in a Yorkshire pudding.  I love this dish and will eat it anytime of year, but it is traditionally eaten in the autumn/wintertime.


It was the first time I made it myself this evening.  It was a nice, simple dish to make.  Mum and dad thought I made a brilliant effort.


Click the link for the recipe:


~Toad in the Hole recipe~


It was the first time I’d made it tonight and mum and dad thought it was a superb effort.  Why does it have such a name?  I wonder who came up with it!


For dessert I made a fresh fruit salad, which consisted of apple, orange, banana, nectarine, pear and peach.  That made a nice change, as I don’t usually have dessert, only on special occasions.


As you know for previous entries, I have been studying Jane Austen’s novel “Emma”.  Last weekend, I watched a drama based on the book starring Kate Beckinsale.  It was good to watch the film, as it gave me a better understanding of the book.


FANCY HATS & FRILLS ~ Kate Beckinsale


I find the language in the book difficult to understand.  Instead of getting straight to the point Austen seems to dress it up a bit.  But the book is written in 18th Century English, and that is the way people talked in those days.  One example:


“The real evils indeed of Emma’s situation were the power of having rather too much of her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself”...


These are our lead character’s faults.  Basically it means that Emma Woodhouse is a spoilt young lady who is used to getting her own way.  She thinks of herself as Queen Bee of Hartfield.


Watching the drama has helped me understand the plot a lot better.  I am hoping to have a lend of the newer version starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and compare the two.


Lots of love and hugs,



Sunday, 24 September 2006

Sunday Springclean

Hi everyone!


I took a little bit of inspiration from Morgan and decided to clean my room earlier this afternoon.  I did it from top to bottom.  Dusted, vacuumed, and wiped everything down.  I thought if I don’t do it today it will never get done.  As my Uncle Rob always says “Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow”.


When I started taking books off the shelf to dust, I thought “Oh my goodness, what have I done?”  I didn’t realise I had so much stuff!  I am one of those people who hoards stuff.  I can’t bear to throw anything away in case it comes in handy in the future.  But I was quite strict with myself and donated most things to charity.  “Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.


Everything is orginised now and I feel so much better that everything has been picked up and the object is in its own place.  I think life will be so much easier and less stressful for me now.  I am determined to keep on top of this cleaning and not to let the dust build up for too long.  For motivation I put on my favourite CD and just dance as I clean.  It’s good exercise for my legs too!


I have decided to write a Question & Answer session soon, as everyone seems to be doing them.  If you have any questions, leave them in a comment and I promise to answer them as honestly as I can.  Don’t be afraid, just ask!


Hope you’re all well.


Lots of love and hugs

Thanks to Missie for today’s graphics xx

Saturday, 23 September 2006

Strictly Maria!

Last weekend saw the end of one of my favourite programmes “How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria?”.  In the show legendary composer and theatre producer, Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber attempted to find a young woman to play Maria von Trapp in his new production of “The Sound of Music".


From thousands of hopefuls, ten potential leading ladies were chosen to go to Maria school in London.  The girls worked everyday with professional voice coaches, choreographers and others, to improve their talent.  Also they had to complete other challenges, like tough assault courses, working with children and even kissing fellow judge and “Doctor Who” star, John Barrowman!


Each Saturday night, each Maria had to sing live for viewers’ votes and to win over the judges John, vocal coach ZoĆ« Tyler, co-producer David Ian, and of course Lloyd-Webber himself. 


Then, at the end of the show, the two girls with the lowest votes would have to sing for survival in one final sing-off to impress Andrew.  He was allowed to save one girl each week... and he saved one girl four times, who later became runner-up in the competition.


As the standard got better and better each week, it became increasingly difficult for the Lord (and the audience at home!) to choose who to save from eviction, as they were all so good.  Then last weekend 23 year old telesales worker, Connie, from Pembrokeshire, West Wales achieved her dream role as Maria.



THE HILLS ARE ALIVE... (L-R): Winner Connie with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julie Andrews as Maria in the film.


I thought this show was brilliant.  It’s interesting to know what process goes on while choosing a leading man or lady for a theatre production.  Also I couldn’t vote because I found it really hard to choose my favourite.


The show will be performed in the London Palladium and there will be eight shows a week.  Unfortunately Connie's understudy has dropped out of the production, so Connie will have to perform eight shows per week.  She is more than willing to accept the challenge but Andrew is worried about the effect it will have on her voice.  Maybe the other two runners-up, Helena or Siobhan have a chance to shine after all?


Another favourite programme of mine is starting soon... “Strictly Come Dancing”.  Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, legendary funnyman, Ronnie Corbett, ex-‘Emmerdale’ actress, Claire King and newsreader Nicholas Owen are just some of the stars taking part in the new series.



FOXY FOXTROT (L-R): Emma Bunton, Ronnie Corbett, Claire King and Nicholas Owen are ready to show off their dancing skills.


I am fascinated by the glitz, glam and all the wonderful dancing.  I would love to be able to ballroom dance like them.  But I can’t because of my disability, maybe freestyle???


Have a good afternoon, everyone!


Friday, 15 September 2006

When Will I Be Famous?

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes left for mum.  The poem and comments made mum smile and she appreciates your kind thoughts.  Mum and dad went out for a romantic meal last night to celebrate her birthday and their 20th wedding anniversary, which was on Wednesday.


On Monday I had some celebrating to do of my own.  I auditioned for a role in the Viva! Christmas pantomime “Cinderella”.  I will play the character Buttons. He really likes Cinderella, but he daren’t admit his feelings, as she is about to marry Prince Charming.


The only problem is, they would like me to sing “You Raise Me Up” by Westlife.  I have no problems with the band or song, but I don’t think the song would suit my voice.  I have requested to sing a more positive song like “Get Happy” by Judy Garland.


They will send me an e-mail within the next few days with song titles to choose from.  When they told me I got the part, I just laughed, I couldn’t believe it! I was excited to learn than Buttons has an even bigger part to play in the show than Prince Charming.


 Now I am determined now to learn my lines off by heart, and not let stage fright take over on the day.


Later on my family and I are going on a caravan holiday to Burnham-on-Sea in just outside Wales.  This time, I was allowed to take a friend for company.  Kailei is so looking forward to it as she doesn’t go away often.


I have been to Burnham many times before.  Each time we have stayed in a different caravan park.  We are staying in Brean Sands this weekend and I have never been there before.  So I’m really looking forward to a break away from home!


Have a great weekend everyone.  



Next week I am considering writing a Q&A session about myself.  If you have any questions, please leave them as a comment.  I promise to answer them all truthfully and honestly.  It's exciting to think what kind of questions you guys could come up with... don't be afraid, just ask! 


Also if you haven’t signed my Guestbook yet, please do!  Thank you xx

Thursday, 14 September 2006

Happy Birthday, Mum



It is your birthday
and on this day
I want you to know that
you are a very
special person
who has touched and warmed
many lives
including mine
I also want you to know
how much I appreciate you

Have a very happy birthday!



Wednesday, 13 September 2006

A New Beginning


I’m halfway through the first week of Year 12 and it is chaos!  It usually is at the start of the new school year though, as everyone settles back into routine.  It felt very surreal going back to school after twelve weeks away.  It felt as if I was in a completely new school, but I had familiar people around like Ross and Kailei, which was a good thing.



On Monday we all went to the main hall where Mr. B, the headmaster gave us a welcome presentation.  Then we were given an organizer to write homework deadlines in and a tie.  I really feel like a Sixth Former now that I have my tie!



I had one lesson that day, English Literature, where we studied an Irish poet named Seamus Heaney and his works.  I will also be studying “Emma” by Jane Austen, “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey and “King Lear” by William Shakespeare. 



In Health and Social Care, we are learning about Communication.  Mr. G who is the Head of Sixth Form makes his lessons fun, which is a good thing as we remember more.  I’m really excited because in seven weeks the H&S class gets to go on work placements for a week.  Woo! J



We have four teachers for each subject and at the moment I’m finding both really interesting.  I think if you are interested in something it motivates you to work and achieve your target.  I find it weird having only one or two lessons a day instead of five, which I’m used to.



Although I only have a few lessons, I will need the extra time to complete my assignments so less lessons and more time to absorb them.  The best thing about it is the teachers will always be on hand if I need help. I am so pleased I am with people who actually WANT to work, instead of mess around.



But as I haven’t had many assignments to complete I have been relaxing in the Common Room chatting to people.  God knows how many cups of coffee I have drunk to help me stay awake and alert.  I think I may have overtaken Dawn in the coffee worshipping stakes, LOL!  I’m trying to stick with familiar people so I don’t get lost. Also I am enjoying getting to know new people.



Well that is the start of my new school term.  Right now I am enjoying it.  Let’s hope I can say the same thing next year at this time.  Hope you are all well.


Monday, 11 September 2006

In Memory of 9/11


I remember it so well as if it only happened yesterday, instead of five years ago.  The day the world changed forever.


When the news broke I was in school halfway through a maths lesson.  It was as if the world had stopped.  We sat there and gazed at each other in amazement.  We couldn’t believe what we were hearing on the radio.  It was unbelievable, I didn’t think, I don’t think anyone did, that such a callous act like that could be committed.


When I arrived home, I saw the images played back on CNN and the reality of the situation hit me.  Someone had driven a plane into the World Trade Center and killed thousands of innocent people, IT WAS REAL!


I was so frightened, because my cousin David, who is a preacher, lived in New York City at the time.  I don’t know him, but I hear a lot about him from my family.  He made it thank goodness, but it was the anxiety of not knowing if he was alive.


My heart went out to your country, to the police, firemen, paramedics, who rushed to the scene to help, the victims and their families who have lost a loved one. I’m saddened and I’m sorry that such atrocities have happened.  The 9/11 terror attacks were such a tragedy which we will never forget.


United We'll Stand


We arose from the ashes of the towers in the sky,
We're a proud, mighty nation and we hold our heads high!


Back from Ground Zero where we all shed a tear,
We'll show to the world that we won't live in fear.


They tried to destroy us on that fateful day,
September eleventh in our memory will stay.


With flags full unfurled, we'll fight night and day,
To protect and defend our American way!


So united we'll stand for the whole world to see
We're the home of the brave and we all will agree,
United we'll stand in the land of the free!


They burned down a landmark but our hearts did not sway,
And we're makin' our come-back the American way!


We're children of freedom, and that's how we'll stay,
No terrorist cowards can take that away!


So united we'll stand for the whole world to see
We're the home of the brave and we all will agree,
United we'll stand in the land of the free!


A new brand of hero emerged from the crowd,
Brave Firemen, Policemen, you sure made us proud!


No terror can daunt us, we'll fight to the end,
Unwavering, unfaltering that's the message we send.


We're children of freedom, and that's how we'll stay,
No terrorist cowards can take that away!


America, you're beautiful, honest and true,
America we love you, Our Red, White and Blue!


So united we'll stand for the whole world to see
We're the home of the brave and we all will agree,
United we'll stand in the land of the free!


© A. P. DuBarry, Jr. 2001

Thanks to Missie for providing free graphics to use.

Sunday, 10 September 2006



Thanks to Donna for this beautiful graphic.  Below is a poem:





The azure eastern sky



quickens, crackles with an



insidious storm,



yet over the pool,



dazzling sun.



Inching into pristine water,



I climb aboard the raft.



Penetrating heat



crisps, bronzes my flesh,



and recharges batteries gone weak…



Drifting in circles,



my hand idly swishes



to and fro,



to and fro,



to and fro…



As minute ripples



break the crystalline surface,



ballooning cumulus



rumble, boom,



rumble, boom,



rumble, rumble, boom!



Unrelenting intruders



threatening deferral of



a tranquil moment in time.



They burgeon,



and strain,



till they burst from within…



Until then,



till they come,



I’ll be here.



By Michelle Close Mills.

Thursday, 7 September 2006

Decisions, decisions, decisions!


Thank you to Jake for the above graphic, it's brilliant!  How did you make it? :-)



I had my A-Level Options meeting on Tuesday morning at school.  The teachers were pleased that I was going to study Health and Social Care and Maths GCSE re-sit.  They advised me to take Double Award H&S because I would achieve two A-Levels.  I have decided to drop Psychology as there is a lot of it involved in H&S.



Also because of my career choice (a primary school teacher) they advised me to teach a subject that I could go on to specialise in like History or R.E.  Even though I studied both at GCSE level I wouldn’t study them now by choice.



Hmmm.... hard decision to make!  Okay any subject you take at Advanced Level will be difficult, no matter what it is.  I have decided to study History as that was one of my best subjects in Years 10 & 11. 



The course would take place on Tuesday evenings once a week from 14:00-17:00p.m at a DIFFERENT school because the subject is ‘so popular’... LOL!  I hope I will be able to keep up with the work and note-taking in those hours.  Mum’s advice to me is to take whatever subject interests me the most.



I have to go into school tomorrow for an hour or two to fill in some final paperwork.  Also we will be having our photograph and fingerprint taken for a new school registration system.  I think this is a very good way to register in schools because we all have unique fingerprints.


O.K guys, until next time...


Tuesday, 5 September 2006



Howdy folks!


Below is a link to a new journal written by my mate Shaun.


~How to be Human~


Well, what can I say?  Shaun is 39 years old (but you'd SWEAR he was 18!) from Somerset, England.  He is a chef by profession.  In his spare time he DJ’s in his spare room and loves to watch Sci-fi films.


We chat regularly by I.M and e-mail and finally after a lot of nagging, LOL, he has written his first blog entry!  WOO HOO!!


I’m so proud of ya, mate.  With your new hobby you will NOT become bored in the evenings, trust me!  You’re doing a great job, can’t wait for your next entry!


So everyone go and give a warm, friendly J-Land welcome to Shaun, and tell him I asked you to call.


Until next time,


Sunday, 3 September 2006

18th Birthday Wishes



Happy Birthday to a Special Friend

Happy birthday to a special friend!
Although I haven't known you many years,
Perhaps because you've dried so many tears,
Pleasure reigns as I these greetings send.
Your happiness should last till all things end!


Because you've been so sweet and understanding--

In toughest times you've made me laugh and smile--
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile:
This I'm not requesting but demanding!



How else to make yourself the celebration,
Doing what does not come naturally?
Always your concern has been for me,
Yet now you must endure my adoration!


By Anonymous


"A Poem for a Special Friend”, with it I send my love, thanks and wishes that our friendship lasts.  Have a great day, chick! xx



Friday, 1 September 2006

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today

Yesterday Kailei, mum and I had arranged to go shopping.  Kailei arrived at 10a.m then after a cup of tea we set off.  Got in the car, put on the seatbelt, we were all ready for the off... then the car wouldn’t start!

Mum called out the AA.  They said there wasn’t anything wrong with the car battery.  The problem was either the starter motor or the immobilizer.  He said if it happened again the solution would be simple... lock and unlock the car a few times.  We are going on Saturday instead now, as we will not have to rush.

Then after some lunch Kailei and I arranged to go to the cinema with Ross.  We decided to watch “Snakes on a Plane”.  It stars Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent.  I thought the film was fantastic, even though it made me jump a few times.  I like films that make a person jump.  Just out of curiosity, why WOULD there be snakes on a plane?


I rang the college back yesterday afternoon.  I told them I no longer wanted to attend the Childcare course.  They said “Oh okay thank you for letting us know, Bye.”  My meeting about A-Level choices with Mr. G will take place on Tuesday afternoon at 12:40p.m.  So wish me luck! 


I’m really amazed at how quickly twelve weeks have passed.  I’m really excited about starting Sixth Form, but I bet when the workload piles up we’ll regret the excitement.  I am hoping to study Computing, Health and Social Care and Psychology.  I would also like to re-sit maths at GCSE level to improve the low grade I had.


Mum has been looking after my eight year old god-daughter Eloise today.  She loves singing, dancing, clothes and bags like any other girl.  Her favourite food is corned beef hash.  She says my mum makes ‘the best corned beef hash in the world’ LOL! Isn’t she sweet? Can you imagine her excitement when mum told her I was making it for day?


Have a good weekend, everyone.