Sunday, 27 April 2008

Another Sunday

Gosh I can’t believe that this is only my fourth post this month.  My my, where does the time go?  I have noticed I have not been getting many Alerts this month.  J-Land appears to be quiet at this time of the year.  Things always appear to quieten down after winter.  Perhaps it’s because there is nice weather outside.


My interview with the Griffin Mill panel went okay.  I was quite surprised actually, because they turned up unannounced on Monday afternoon, rather than Wednesday.  I wasn’t prepared at all.  I turned into a stuttering wreck!  It only lasted twenty minutes.  I was glad really because it was nearly home time, and I had to catch my taxi.


Simon (Dad’s friend) has managed to fix my laptop for the time being.  I am actually typing on it now.  It appeared that a bit of the charger had melted away.  As a consequence, the inside of the laptop had become overheated.  I have to be very careful from now on.  If the connector gets hot,I must take it out and let it cool.  The only problem is that the battery doesn’t last very long now.


Tonight, I am looking forward to the period drama on BBC1 called Jane Austen Regrets.  The programme is based on letters she wrote in her latter life to her niece, Fanny.  They reflect on her earlier life, and why she never found her own Mr. Darcy.  It sounds quite interesting.  Some readers may remember I studied one of her novels last year at school called Emma.


Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Busy Few Months Ahead

I have not been up to much since I last posted an entry here.  I have been busy with coursework deadlines and revision for examination.  I’ll admit I have not done much revision yet, as I’d like to get the coursework out of the way first.  One essay for English and one portfolio are due in on Thursday to be marked.  So, they are my priority at the moment.


Do you remember the Health & Social Care exam I wanted to re-sit?  My teacher said the Examinations Officer didn’t put my name forward for it in June.  Phew, that’s such a relief.  So much pressure’s off my shoulders now.  I can just revise one subject, English.  I did so well in last year’s AS exams (2 B’s and a D for the English modules), it would be a shame for my grades to slip.


Oh, I have applied to a local university called the University of Glamorgan to study a degree in English Studies.  I have been given a conditional offer to go there if I achieve a B in English Literature, a C grade (or above) in Health & Social Care and must get a minimum of 220 points from the Welsh Baccalaureate.


I have decided to study English because it has always been a favourite subject of mine.  Plus, I have no idea what sort of career I'd like to persue.  A degree in English would open the door to many avenues for me to explore.


I’ve also received a phone call from PC World last week.  They cannot fix my laptop.  “Why?” I ask.  It has taken them two weeks to look at my laptop, but the technicians were away (Pfft… excuses).  They also said my laptop would come on but then would knock itself off.”  That’s what I told them in the beginning, and that’s why I gave it to them to be fixed! 


Its official – (excuse my French)



I’m getting a second opinion from my Dad’s friend, Simon.  If he can’t fix it, I will accept what PC World has said.  However, my parents have decided to buy me a new laptop for University.  I’d like my new one to be small and lightweight, a complete opposite to the one I have now.


Also next week, I have an interview with the Griffin Mill panel on Wednesday (23rd).  Keep your fingers crossed for me, readers.  In preparation for this, send me any questions you'd like to know about me, and I'll answer them as honestly as I can.


Have a good Saturday.



Friday, 11 April 2008

Two Years On


Today is the second anniversary of “Leigh’s World”.  Two years ago today I clicked the word “Journals” on AOL’s home page, and the rest is history!  Here I am 250 entries later and still going strong.  I hope to continue in J ~ Land for many years to come.


Over the last two years, you have watched me grow from boy to man.  I have introduced you to my family, friends and pets.  I have passed my GCSE and AS examinations. I have taken you along on various outings.  You ‘travelled with me’ to Spain, Brussels & France.  I have always shared with you what books I have read, movies I have seen and what music I have listened to.  More recently, I have been nominated as “Outstanding Student”.  That’s just some of my adventures!


Thank you all for visiting and reading each post.  I have found great pleasure in reading each comment I receive.  So, thank you for sharing your journals and lives with me over the last two years.


Here’s to the next one!


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Catch Up Time

Thank you to Missie for the above graphic...


Good afternoon everyone.  How are you all?  I can’t believe I have not posted for over two weeks.  Did you miss me?  hehe  Pour yourself a cup of tea and pass around the biscuits; I feel this could be a long one.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then, I will begin!


Now let’s see, do you remember the Health & Social Care A-Level examination I sat in January?  Well, I’ve the result.  My mark was 55 / 100, which is the equivalent to a C grade.  It’s the grade I wanted, however I was a little disappointed by the mark.  I expected to do better.  I don’t know why but, I’ve signed my name up to re-sit the exam in June.


Last month, I organised a coffee morning.  It was to raise funds for a charity called Bobath Cymru.  There is a specialist centre for children who have Cerebral Palsy here in Wales.  Recently, the charity had to go private because it receives no funding from the Government or NHS Trust.  As a consequence, physiotherapy costs £4,000 for one child.  *gasp*


When I heard this news, I realised I had to had something.  I had the opportunity to give something back to the centre that helped me so much when I was younger.  I made some Welsh cakes and my mum made some spicy shortbread.


The morning was a success.  The total amount raised was £65.80.  I was so chuffed to raise that amount in one day.  It’s going to a very worthy cause.  I’m happy to have made a difference.  J


My laptop has gone off to PC World to be fixed.  The problem is the motherboard.  I didn’t know such a component existed.  The salesman said to my dad that I may as well start looking for a new laptop.  I don’t think so, LOL!


That’s me up to date, now.  Catch ya soon.