Saturday, 28 July 2007

Sunny Saturday


I’m glad the rain has eased off this afternoon because Mum and dad went to a wedding!  I, on the other hand, have been indulging in a bit of ‘me time’.  I watched a double-bill of Alfred Hitchcock movies: “The 39 Steps” and “The Lady Vanishes” broadcast on BBC2.  Ooh…. I do love a good thriller!


Both were in black-and-white format.  I don’t know about you, but I think there is something classy and sophisticated about old films.  I really must agree when people say that old films are the best.  There is no swearing, nudity or violence – something that the whole family can enjoy.


Also, while out in the garden, I have been reading “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.  You shall be pleased to know I am four chapters away from the end of the novel.  Then I shall begin reading “The Half-Blood Prince” which is the sixth book in the franchise.


I bought the final novel “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” on Tuesday.  The book seems thin compared to the others, although it includes six hundred and seven pages!


I’m off now back into the garden to make the most of the remaining sunshine.  According the weather forecast, the sunshine won’t last and more rain is to come.


Have a good weekend.


Thursday, 26 July 2007

Dreams Can Come True

Thank you to Brittany from “As the Sun Sets” for the above graphic.  Pop over to her journal and say hello.


Amy Winehouse shall be touring the United Kingdom later this year.  I’m SO excited because I have two tickets to go and see her on the 28th November!  I found out accident through an e-mail I recieved.  It's always good to read your mail!


I received her CD “Back to Black” as a Christmas gift.  It’s one of those CD’s I never tire of hearing.  The album has been heavily influenced by girl-groups of the 1950’s and 60’s.


I love Amy's voice, it is so unique.  I fell in love with her soulful voice as soon as I heard it.  She has finally got the recognition she deserved when she won a Brit Award (the U.K equivalent to the Grammy's) for Best British Female 2007.

The British press seems to focus on her lifestyle and outrageous behaviour, and not her vocal ability.  I admire her so much because the problems she has faced and overcome: bulimia, alcoholism and drug addiction.  I get a lot of stick for liking her music, but I don't care.  Everyone has their own taste, and I think she is amazing!

I can’t believe I’m going to see her LIVE on tour.  It’s quite a surreal feeling!  I hope she’s going to live up to my expectations.  I’ve seen quite a few performances on TV and Youtube, and I think she’s better live, than on CD.

I’ll leave you now with some videos.  Have a great Thursday everyone!

'Back to Black'

'Me & Mr. Jones'




Wednesday, 25 July 2007

When is a Hug One Too Many?


Is it wrong to hug someone?  Earlier this week, I was having a heart-to-heart conversation with close friends Ross and Jennie, when I was criticised for hugging people “too much”.  I do appreciate their honesty.  But, I have to say I was hurt by this comment.  How can you hug someone “too much”?


You see, my family have always been close.  I’ve been brought up to hug people to show care and affection.  People haven’t minded until now.  I didn’t realise people could feel uncomfortable by my actions.


Remember the school radio team I joined earlier this year?  There are ten members in it.  I was shocked to learn that the only people who wanted me there were Ross and Jennie.  The others just “hate me with a passion!”  It’s nice to know who my real friends are!


Right now, I feel REALLY mad because I don’t know why they dislike me.  I know that we can’t get along with everyone we meet, but I try to.  The gang can’t just hate me, there MUST be a reason behind it!


There was a time when I really enjoyed being involved in the team.  I felt valued, wanted, as if I belonged somewhere.  I was so happy to have been given the opportunity to develop new skills.  Now, I feel lost, lonely and too disheartened to carry on work with the group.  My self-confidence and self-esteem have hit an all-time low.


My head is telling me I should quit the radio group.  Mum says I should because “there are better things to do during a dinner hour”.  My dad agrees, and said “You should, because you do not deserve to be treated like sh**”.


My heart argues that I should not quit.  I should not give those people the satisfaction.  I should not let them drive me out of the group.  I must be strong and remain in control of my life.


If you were me, what would you do if this situation?


Saturday, 21 July 2007

Music Gets the Best of Me


Nothing much has happened since I last posted an entry.  I’ve just become very bored!  This is because I’m so used to having a busy lifestyle.  Now, I have nothing to do.  I’m tired of staring these four walls, feeling like a total slob!  I guess that’s allowed though because after all it IS a holiday.  All this torrential rain we're having doesn't help matters either!




To keep me occupied during the summer, I’ve applied for a job with an online radio station.  The radio station is called “”.  My friends Rhys and Nathan are DJ’s on there.   They have been encouraging me for a few months to apply to become a DJ.  Now seems the right time.  My application has been accepted and I have been allowed to have a trial run.  Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.  I will be live on air for thirty minutes.  The question is now, what music do I choose?




“Someone once told me that music is the sweetest thing, because like a rush of blood to the head it deals with our hopes and fears"


I love this quote, simply because it’s this idea that’s stopped me from losing my mind the last couple of months.  I don’t know how you feel, but when I’m a bit p***ed off or sad I put on my iPod and I’m lost in a world of music.  It helps me unwind after a difficult dayat the school.  You could say music is my greatest passion in life.  My life would feel so empty if it had no music in it!



Hope all is well, readers and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Home, Sweet Home!


Hello fellow J~land-ians!


We all had a great time in Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, despite the terrible weather.  Kailei especially, as this was only the second time she’d been away from home.  Pendine Sands is a calm and tranquil place – perfect for escapism!


When we got to the camp site on Friday, we did not venture far because it was raining.  We walked over to the clubhouse and mum and dad were coaxed into participating in a Mr. and Mrs. Competition.  Dad was wary of taking part because he “didn’t want to look like a plonker”, LOL!


Anyway, he gave in after constant nagging from me, mum and Kailei.  After the first round, mum wandered of the stage (drunk!).  Kailei had to go and find her.  Then she returned after 20 minutes and had forgotten she was in the competition.  OMG that was embarrassing, but they managed to win a bottle of champagne!


Then we toasted to Kailei’s 17th birthday (which was Thursday) and my future career prospects!


The next morning, we took a stroll along Pendine Sands Beach.  The beach is vast and was once the scene of land speed record attempts.


In 1927 J.G. Parry Thomas was killed trying to beat Malcolm Campell's record of 175 miles per hour.  His car which he called Babs overturned and Parry Thomas died instantly from horrific injuries.  The local people buried the remains of the car in the sand, but in 1969 amid much public outcry, Babs was excavated and is now fully restored.


Over the next two days, we visited the nearby villages of Laugharne (where Dylan Thomas wrote many of his novels), Carmarthen town, Saundersfoot and Tenby. 


We looked around the shops and had some lunch.  I bought myself a new coat for school.  I really would like a case for my camera.  Do you know where I might get one from?


Over the next two days, we visited the nearby villages of Laugharne (where Dylan Thomas wrote many of his novels), Carmarthen town, Saundersfoot and Tenby. 


We looked around the shops and had some lunch.  I bought myself a new coat for school.  I really would like a case for my camera, do you know where I might getone from?


I’m so happy in my life at the moment, everything is going great!  This was the break I needed.  It was nice to have a break away from home, but then it’s always nice to be back in your own surroundings.


Have a good evening!


Thanks to Debbie from "Deb's Dabs" for the above graphic.  Pop over to her other journal "Whatever" and say hi.

Friday, 13 July 2007



Thanks to Donna for the graphics in today’s entry.  She’s on my sidebar.  Pop over to her journal “This, That & Hockey” and say ‘hi’.


This shall be my last post as I am going away in a caravan!  I shall be staying in a place called Pendine Sands, near Carmarthen Bay.  I am going with my parents and friend Kailei.


We have all been looking forward to this holiday, especially Kailei.  You see, Kailei has only ever been away from her hometown once – and that was when we went to Brean Sands last year!


The weatherman has forecast showers for this weekend.  I hope it doesn’t rain!  There is nothing worse than hearing rain pelt down onto a caravan roof!  But who cares what the weather’s like?  It’s a break away from home!


I’m taking my digital camera so I promise to take lots of photographs to show you all.  Also I have the “Harry Potter” novel, which is very thick.  I’ve got a feeling if it rains, there’ll be lots of reading going on.  


I’ve got my iPod and “Kriss Kross” puzzle book – I love those puzzles!  It’s where you are given a list of words an you have to try to fit them in the grid.  They are so addictive, and certainly help me pass the time.


Have a brilliant weekend and I’ll post when I’m back.  I’ve disabled the Alerts for the time I’m away.  If I don’t do that, I shall be emendated with them when I come back!  


If you haven’t already, please could you sign my Guestbook on my sidebar?  Thanks.


Bye for now!



Wednesday, 11 July 2007

So Unexpected!

Today I had to go to Cardiff University for some mock interviews.  This is where some local employers would give up some of their time to put students through their paces.  I had two interviews!



In the first interview, I was criticised for wearing smart trousers with a t-shirt and jumper.  I didn’t realise I had to wear a shirt and tie!  When I walked in the waiting room, everyone was wearing a shirt and tie, and I felt like I was the odd one out.  He said “You are smartly dressed, but I would not employ you because you are not dressed appropriately.” 



He also said to put EVERYTHING I have done or experienced on an application form because it may not be interesting to me, but it may interest the employer!  I have learnt something for other interviews now!



My second interview was with a woman I’ve met before, so that helped.  She looked at my qualifications and CV which I had prepared beforehand, then asked me what my plans were for the future.  



She was so taken with my personality and attitude to life she offered me a job as a Learning Support Assistant at the school she works at.  She described me as a ‘genuine, likeable guy with great enthusiasm to work’.  She said I would be a great role model to disabled students at the school because I did not see my disability as a hindrance!



I was a bit taken aback.  I’m so happy!  If I don’t go to university I am going to use this as a back-up plan.  In the meantime, she has asked me to go to the Special school to help out because they are in great need of male support staff.  I’ve agreed to help out because any experience I get shall be valuable to me.



One of the questions I was asked today was: “If I were to hold a dinner and could invite anyone from past or present, who would it be?”



I chose the new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.  The reason I chose him was because I’d like to discuss some issues with him and try to improve Britain!  Maybe I should go into politics instead?  Can you imagine that, Prime Minister Leigh Edwards!  It would be mad!



If YOU were to hold a dinner and could invite anyone from past or present, who would YOU invite, and why?


Have a good evening all!


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

School's Out for Another Year

That’s it!  I’ve finished school till September!  Well, technically we still have nine days left of the term, but I am not going into school.  The teacher said I didn’t need to go in because I have completed all my work.  I’m not going to argue with that!  I mean, what’s the point of going into school and doing nothing?  No offence intended, but I would be bored out of my mind!



I haven’t been up to much today.  I’ve started reading “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by J.K. Rowling.  I bought the book four years ago and have never read it.  I’ve got a bad habit of reading half-way through novels and stop reading them.  I don’t know why I do that.  I’m determined to finish this book though!



I cannot wait to see the movie!  Daniel Radcliffe who plays the teenage wizard, promises it is the “deepest and darkest movie” of the franchise yet.  I like to read the novels then see the film to make comparisons.  Though I generally find books to be better than the films, my mum begs to differ.  What do you think?



Have a great evening.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Phew... TGIF!

As well as completing the Enterprise task last week, I had to fill in lots of paperwork for the Welsh Baccalaureate team.  I had to complete statements saying I had attended lessons, and then I had to write about what I had learnt.  So basically, all I did was shuffle bits of paper around into various folders ~ boring!


I was given a target to complete 65% of my WBQ work by Friday 6th June.  There are five sections to the course, and I have to complete ten portfolios while I’m in Year 12 & 13.


If I complete at least 65% of my work, I will be able to go on a school trip to France!  I’m so excited, because I’ve never been given the opportunity to go away with my school before!


However a few months ago, a teacher told me “not to get my hopes up” because “you may not be able to go to France”.  Why, hear you ask, “Because there may not be suitable activities for you to take part in”.


As you can imagine, I was very annoyed by this statement!  In my opinion, the person in charge should arrange activities that everyone can participate in.  France may be a bit behind in with Britain’s disability laws, but that don’t bother me.  


I get labelled as ‘disabled’ but in my eyes, I’m not.  I can walk, talk, eat, live, breathe and I have real emotions.  I’m just the same as everyone else, entitled to the same opportunities.  I just wish people could see past the disability and see me for the person I am.  Please ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.


I want to go to France because I love to travel and secondly, to prove that there is such a thing as “Equal Opportunities’.  All I need is a little more help than others, and the school will have to ensure I have extra support!


My parents and friends are disgusted and have complained to the “WBQ Co-ordinator”.  She says I am the first disabled student in Sixth Form and it would have ‘to be investigated’.   She also says that other people may not be able to go ‘depending on their behaviour, how much work they’ve completed and there are other factors’.


The people who don’t go will have to stay in school and complete thirty hours of French lessons, then have an examination at the end of it all.  It is not the same as a holiday in France!


My school always preach about “Equal Opportunities” and how important it is.  But if I (along with the other disabled people in Sixth form) don’t go, the school staff will be contradicting themselves.  It goes against everything the school stands for.



Sorry for the long rant, this issue is very important to me!  Some people with disabilities do not get the opportunity to speak out… I am their advocate!


Have a good weekend.


Friday, 6 July 2007

'The Dragons' Apprentice'

This week the students of Form 6 were all allowed to become entrepreneurs as we were set an Apprentice-style task.  Have you seen that show with Sir Alan Sugar?  It’s one of my favourites!


We were split into ten groups of five.  Each group had been set a task to come up with ideas for a new product or service to offer the British public.  Then, on Thursday we were to pitch our product or service to three men called the ‘Dragons’.  Then they would ‘invest’ in the company which was most successful.


My group decided we would be a party planning company.  We would offer a variety of themes such as Medieval, Masquerade Ball, and the ‘Oscars’ – which were our speciality, which customers could choose from!  Then, we would provide the food, decorations etc.


I was so simple waiting outside the ‘Boardroom’ to give our presentation!  I’m not a fan of public speaking, but we got through it.  The ‘Dragons’ said it was an excellent presentation, and we were the “best dressed group they’d seen all morning”. 


The aspect that let us down was ‘finance’.  The ‘Dragons’ felt that our financial study was unrealistic.  We had a group disagreement about the company’s financial situation as we all had different opinions about this.  But thankfully, it was resolved.


The aim was to get three green cards from the men, but had two red X’s.  As mum always says “it’s not about winning, it’s the taking part”.  She’s right as usual!  The task was quite stressful at times, but I enjoyed the experience.


By taking part in this Enterprise task, I have passed the “Working with others” section of my Welsh Baccalaureate course.  Passing all of WBQ is the equivalent to an ‘A’ grade at A-Level.  *Crossing fingers*


Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Fourth of July


I would like to wish all our American friends from J-Land a Happy Independence Day.


Celebrate With Cheer


Celebrate the freedom
of the US of A
Put out it's colours
In a proud way

We're so fortunate
to live in this place
So serve it right
and not just today

This is America
the US of A
Celebrate with pride
on it's birthday



By Mary Carpio


Sunday, 1 July 2007

Remembering Diana


Princes William and Harry have organised an event to mark the tenth anniversary of the untimely death of Diana, the Princess of Wales - their mother, and to celebrate her life.  It takes place at the new Wembley Stadium, London on July 1st, which would have been her 46th birthday.


She died tragically on 31st August 1997, following a car crash in Paris, France.


Performers include many of Diana’s favourite singers and some that the Princes felt she would have appreciated if she was still living today.  Music was provided by acts like Duran Duran (Diana's favourite band), Lily Allen to a medley from Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musicals - something to suit everyone's musical tastes!


Proceeds from the concert will go to charities supported by the late Princess, and to charities of which her sons are Patrons.


For more information, click the link:


~ Concert for Diana ~


My parents and I were lucky enough to meet Lady Diana when I was younger.  She opened a new Maternity ward at the hospital where I was born.  I don’t remember the day, as I was so young, but my mum said she was a “wonderful woman who was very down to Earth”.


I have some photographs from the day in an album.  I hope to scan them into my journal to show you all.  I haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet though!  It’s a two-in-one printer and scanner.


The Princess looked so beautiful in the photographs, dressed in a navy and turquoise frock.  So elegant and ladylike!  People will be remember the tremendous amount of humanitarian work she did throughout her short life, and her sense of humour!


Lady Diana Spencer shall always be fondly remembered as "the People's Princess".



Postscript (22:10p.m)


~ Diana concert a big success ~