Sunday, 24 August 2008

Is it Over Already?


I can’t believe the Olympics are coming to an end.  It certainly doesn’t feel like coverage has been broadcast for sixteen days, anyway.


As I type this, Team Great Britain have won 19 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 15 bronze medals.  The team has achieved forty-seven medals in all and rank fourth in the league table.    Well done team, your country is very proud of you!



However, I do not think it is fair that in the league tables, they only count the Gold total.  It’s as if the Silver and Bronze medals do not matter.  The Silver and Bronze may not be as prestigious as Gold, but it’s still a good attempt.  Maybe in the future they could change the scoring system.  Perhaps 5 points for a Gold, 3 points for a Silver, and 1 point for a Bronze?




It’s the Olympics Closing Ceremony today.  The Opening Ceremony in Beijing was so spectacular!  I woner what surprises China have in store for us today.  I predict that the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Games are going to be a tough act to follow.  I mean, for a start, we don’t have the same amount of money to spend.




Well done Team GB once again.  According to the “Daily Mirror” this Olympic Games has been the best performance by athletes to date.  Let’s hope the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown keeps his vow to give the team Honours!


Get ready for the Paralympics Games which begin on 6th September!




Pictures above are from the Opening Ceremony of the Games in Beijing.


Team GB arrive at Hathrow Airport, London. 

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Limo Trouble


Firstly, remember this entry?  Well, I have an update for you.  Kailei & I, along with the other couple WILL NOT be getting a refund from the limousine company.  This is because the company refuse to believe it was their fault that we broke down en route three times.  TOTAL BULL!




The driver said his boss knew that the limo had a strong chance of breaking down.  The manager said they would not give us anything back because the driver did the job.  He got us there from A to B.  But as they missed the professional photography session, they gave us a two bottles of wine to share and half an hour’s free ride in the limo whenever we wanted.




I’m sorry if I sound ungrateful, but in my opinon, for the amount of money we paid… that’s not worth it at all.


Monday, 18 August 2008

Still On Cloud Nine

Firstly, I would like to congratulate my friend and mentor Jeannette, who was given the role of Magic Smoke’s “Guest Editor” this week.


I would like to thank her as she choosing my journal as one of her ‘picks’.  What a surprise and honour it was to learn I had been chosen.  It must’ve been a very hard job to pick six journals as there are so many out there in J-Land. 


I’m so enjoying reading and commenting on Jeannette’s other choices.  It is thrilling to discover some journals that I have never visited before.


Waiting for my ‘A’ Level results wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  I was excited more than anything.  All of us were told to line up and wait outside the Headmaster’s office.  Then one by one, we were called in and then handed our results on a piece of paper, and given a hearty congratulations and a pat on the back!


I do not agree with this procedure at all because the teachers already know the results and it’s unfair on the student.  I believe that the Results should be put in an envelope and then given to the open.  Then, they can deal with whatever good or bad news privately. 


I know the teachers must be there to support and guide students, but whatever happened to privacy?


To make things worse, I had to go and see the Deputy Headmaster then, to check if I had received acceptance from my chosen University.  It was total chaos!  The University’s switchboard was jammed.  So I was sitting for an hour and a half, waiting for a response.  That was the worst part… not knowing whether or not you had got onto your course.  In the end, I gave up… it seemed like I had been sitting there hours… so, I came home and checked online.  There it sat in my inbox:  “YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED!”


Later on that night, we had a little drink to celebrate in the back garden.  It was nice.  Mum, Dad, Uncle Robert, Maggi, his girlfriend Auntie Helen and Kailei were here.  Not too many people, just the people that mattered.  We all had Champagne and some strawberry cheesecake.  I paid the price the next day though with the mother of all hangovers!  I must say, I don’t drink much, so it goes straight to my head!


Thank you to everyone who sent congratulations on my ‘A’ Level Results.  I am still on cloud nine.  I’m so excited to begin this new chapter in my life.  The other students won’t know what’s hit them, hee hee! 


Thursday, 14 August 2008

'A' Level Results Day.

Today I received my ‘A’ Level Results.  Guess what?












Grade over 2 years


AS (1st yr)

Health & Social Care




A2 (2nd year)

Health & Social Care




Advanced Diploma


Welsh Baccalaureate



AS (1st yr)


English Literature



A2 (2nd yr)


English Literature




At the end of the two years, the grades are added together then divided to give an average.  So this means I have 1 A and 2 C grades. 


I can confirm that I have been accepted into my local University to a degree in “English Studies”.  Can’t believe it at the moment, the news hasn’t quite sunk in yet.  I’m so excited to see what lies ahead.





Thursday, 7 August 2008

Music, Movie & A Meal!

First of all, I must apologise for the numerous e-mails I sent out to people regarding my last post.  I assumed that because I had received no Alerts no-one had commented.  Then, I checked on Monday evening when the Alerts were working and lo and behold, people had.  I was so happy to have 7 comments!


This time next week, I will have the results of the A-Level examinations I sat in May and June.  This time next week we shall know whether or not I am going to University.  OMG!  Leigh… you must think positive now.


Last week, my Nan and I went to see the new movie version of “Mamma Mia!”  It was hilarious from start to finish.  Julie Walters is legendary and Meryl Streep is surprisingly good at singing.  The songs by ABBA just want to make to get up and join in… and people did!


I am now teaching Chantelle (the little girl Mum child minds) some songs that appear in he movie.  Singing with her takes me back to when I was younger, I think I was about 9 or 10, when I would sing ABBA tracks and make up little dance routines to go with them.  It’s slightly embarrassing now, LOL!


Today is my Uncle Robert’s Birthday!  Later, we are going out for a meal to celebrate, so I must go and get ready now. 


Until next time…


Saturday, 2 August 2008

A Postcard from Ibiza

Dear J-Land members,


Hope things are well with you.  Have you missed me while I’ve been away?


The weather is lovely here in Playa D’En Bossa, Ibiza.  Some mornings have been cloudy, but fine.  It did rain one afternoon for about an hour, but it didn’t deter people at all – they just carried on without a care in the world.


The apartment is small and compact.  There is no T.V, but I’m sure I’ll find other things to do.  We have a very noisy air conditioning system in the room.  It keeps the room cool, but the noise from the machine and Dad’s snoring are a bad combination!


On the first Wednesday, we visited the Hippy Market in the town of Es Cana.  We took a boat ride over and passed through Figeueratus and Cala Longa.  The market is very popular with the Spanish and tourists alike.  I had never seen so many people about.  I felt like we were packed in like sardines!


Afterwards, we met up with Dad’s friend and his wife who are staying in Es Cana and went for a meal.  The return boat ride was much calmer and we were also given a free cup of sangria to enjoy.  It was “a nice treat”, Mum says.


We visited the nearby town Figeuratus, which is  rumoured to be the Gay capital of Ibiza.  My first impression was not a good one as the buildings looked terribly old fashioned.  However, we had a lovely meal in a Spanish restaurant in the town.


We have taken part in many quizzes throughout the holiday.  There were three times where we were in a tie-break situation.  On the last night, we actually won the quiz and a bottle of champagne.  Then, mum decided to have a go at the Bingo – and she won 55 Euros!  Couldn’t believe it!


Lots of love,