Monday, 31 December 2007

The New Year is Nearly Here


‘Out With the Old’


Let us all gather round and cheer,
With a drink of wine or an ice cold beer

Perhaps you're like me and don't drink the swill,
Or you're like my grandparents who live on pills.

Maybe this world seems harsh at times,
or it’sjust that most of us just like to whine.

I'd say that this is a great place to be,
it all depends on how we can see.

True we've had bad things in the past,
but we know in our hearts that these will not last.

If we try our best to be simple and pure,
there's nothing our hopes and dreams cannot cure.

So, I don't know the value this is worth,
but lets all try to be happy and heal Mother Earth!

Happy New Year!


By Anon

There’s not long now before 2008 is upon us.  A new year is a new start.  Who knows what it will bring to us.  I would like to wish all my readers and their families a “Happy New Year 2008”.  May this coming year be a happy, healthy and prosperous one for you.

I would like to thank you for all the comments you have left this year, the love, support and encouragement you have given me which has inspired me to carry on posting entries.  If you are out celebrating, have a good time.  Don’t get too drunk, and remember not to drink and drive.


Friday, 28 December 2007

Over So Quickly

I can’t believe Christmas is over for another year.  It seems to come and go so quickly, doesn’t it?  There’s a big build up, then all of a sudden, it’s over.  Nothing much happens after Christmas.  Everyone is winding down after days of hectic chaos, happy chaos of course.


Santa was very good to me.  I got my wish and had a flat screen monitor.  It’s fantastic!  The text on the screen looks bigger and it’s not so ‘in your face” as the old, chunky one, and I haven’t had a headache since setting it up two days ago.


I also had some clothes, deodorants, aftershave, money and also CD’s and DVD’s.  These days, I find I watch more and more T.V box sets, rather than films, I don’t know why that is.  Maybe there are too many distractions around?


I also had two books to read.  I used to love reading a good book.  But now, I find I cannot pick up a book for enjoyment.  I read and analyse the text.  I suppose this comes with the territory of studying English Literature for four years.


I was so overwhelmed with everything I had, I still can’t believe it.  Remember the broach?  Mum loved it, like you said she would in your comments.


Again this year, we met relatives at the local pub.  Lunch was fabulous!!  I felt full after eating starters.  Now, I know why adults fall asleep after a hearty meal.  We all did!!


Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and did not get any hangovers, or overindulge in too much food.


Have a good evening, everyone.


Monday, 24 December 2007

A Christmas Message From Me To You

I would like to wish all my readers and their families a very “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.  Hope Santa was good to you all and you got what you wished for.  Have a wonderful day.


~ Shakin’ Stevens – ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ ~

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The Night Before Christmas...

As you can see on the Countdown timer above, tonight is Christmas Eve.  The night that Santa Claus visits.  Are you all excited?  Surprisingly, I’m not - yet.  It really doesn’t feel like Christmas at all to me.

This afternoon, I have busy cleaning and de-cluttering my room.  I didn’t realise how much junk I had.  I hate to get rid of stuff, you see, in case I might need the object in the future.  But very rarely that happens.  My room’s looking a lot cleaner now, I have to say.


I have to wrap one more present, then that’s me finished.  I bought my mum a turquoise broach in the shape of a butterfly.  I thought it was very unusual, and mum could wear it with her denim jacket.  I like to get a person something different for a gift every year otherwise it gets boring, doesn’t it?


I showed the present to Dad.  He took it out of the bag and tipped it onto his hand, and said: “Is that it?”  I was left flabbergasted by his reaction.  I really hope my mum likes it.  I don’t want her to open the small parcel, and think: “Oh, is that all I’m worth?”  I can picture her look of disappointment now.


One year, I spent over £50 on my Mum and Dad’s Christmas presents.  I know what you’re thinking, I hear many shocked gasps.  I realise now, that was WAY O.T.T and not necessary, and since then have set a sensible budget to spend per person.  After all, it is the thought that counts, not how many presents are given.


Merry Christmas!!

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Friday, 21 December 2007

4 Days To Go

Yesterday, all my lessons were cancelled in school.  I volunteered to help the autistic children for the day.  That morning, I organised a surprise Karaoke party for them.  Then in the afternoon, I hosted it along with one of the teachers, as well as handing out things to eat and drink.  It was such fun.  I was very surprised with their singing talents.  One pupil had me in tears while singing this:

Judy Garland – ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’


I wasn’t well enough to go to Ross’ Birthday party.  I have a really bad cold but, also last night I had a headache.  These seem to be occurring a lot lately and I am not sure why.  I shall have to talk to my paediatrician about it when I see him in the New Year.


When I spoke to my optician about it, he said the occurrence could be because I have an old, chunky PC monitor.  Santa, if you are reading this, I would like a new flat screen monitor for Christmas.


Have a good day, readers.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Cold and Frosty Weather

Brr… hasn’t it been cold over the last few days?  I stayed home from school today nursing all the symptoms of a cold.  I usually go to school regardless if I’m ill or not.  But it’s time I put my own health before my education.


During an English lesson yesterday, I interrupted the teacher so much with my coughing outbursts and sneezing that I was sent out.  That’s when I knew I shouldn’t have been in school.  Mrs. Cooke suggested I stay home and get myself better, and I can always catch up with work when I’ve recovered.


I’ve not really done much today.  I’ve slept most of today and while I’ve felt really rough.  Hopefully, I’ll be better for Ross’ 18th Birthday party on Thursday.  I’ll be really disappointed if I can’t go, and I know he will too.


I’ve appeared in the local paper “The Rhondda Leader”.  I gave an interview about the school trip to France last month, and I was not expecting anything to come of it.  Then, on my birthday it was printed.  That gave the article extra significance.  I found a web link of the story earlier today:


Brave Leigh takes a leap of faith during France trip


I gave the interview because I wanted to inspire others, particularly disabled people.  I wanted to show that they can achieve something if they try.  I set myself a task, and I feel I've done it now. 


Stay warm and safe readers.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Carolling Through J-Land

This is how it works.  You leave the link to your journal here and then do an entry on your favourite holiday song.


Visit at least five journals who you believe will play along.  When you visit, leave your journal link in the comment section inviting them to play along and come see the song you chose.


This is one of my favourites:


Nat King Cole – ‘The Christmas Song’

Friday, 14 December 2007

All Grown Up Now

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes after I posted my last entry.  I can’t believe I’m Eighteen, I don’t feel it anyway.


As I stated in my previous entry, I had no lessons on Wednesday morning, so I slept until 8:30a.m.  Mum woke me up with a cup of tea and some toast.  She was very eager for me to open my present from her and Dad.  It was a beautiful Nine carat gold identity bracelet.  It is lovely, I just have to get used to it shaking up and down my arm, or more importantly, that I don’t lose it.  Thank you, Mum & Dad.


I also had some money, some of which I will save.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend any yet.  I’m going to wait until the January sales roll around because you can get some great bargains then.


Also I had a Leather Jacket.  Since I was nine years old I have wanted one, and an electric shaver.  I feel like a real adult with these things!


At 6p.m, Jennie came over and we visited the local pub.  It felt really good to walk into the pub, buy an alcoholic drink and enjoy it without glancing over my shoulder.  I rarely went in pubs when I younger, obviously because I was too young, but it was a nice atmosphere.


Then at ten past seven, my family left for “The Thai Elephant”, but it was more like a Chinese restaurant.  It was an All You Can Eat buffet!  Each of us ordered a portion and then we were allowed to share someone else’s.  You could have as much as you wanted for a certain price.  Great value for money!  The food was amazing.  It will definitely not be a one-off visit, I can tell you.  I took some photos of the evening, hope you enjoy them.


Remember the essay I had to write on Tuesday?  I got a B grade!  My teacher was very impressed.  I was flabbergasted.  He said if I carry on this hard work I will definitely get an A grade in the English Literature coursework element.  I’m going for gold now – I need that A!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tuesday Tidbits


Hi there everyone! 


Isn’t it cold outside?  I love this time of year, everything except the cold weather, and it’s certainly a frosty day today.  This shall be the last entry I shall write as a seventeen year old, as tomorrow is my Birthday!


It seems forever ago since I sat down and wrote a “proper” entry.  I have an English essay to write.  It’s due in on Thursday, but guess what I have decided to do first…


I am really looking forward to turning 18.  To celebrate, I shall be going out for a meal with my family to a Chinese restaurant.  Then on Saturday, I shall be going to the cinema with some friends.


For many years, I wanted to have a lie in on my birthday.  This year, the Gods have smiled and my dreams have come true because I have no lessons until the afternoon.


This year, the Sixth Form Christmas Party has been cancelled.  One reason is because some individuals cannot be trusted with alcohol, and another is, we have no venue.


So instead the school are hosting a Karaoke Evening on Friday night.  It should be fun, but it probably won’t be as good as a party.  Oh well, it’s a night out I suppose.


Can you believe in a fortnight’s time it’ll be Christmas Day?  Have you done all the shopping and wrapped all the presents?  I have finished everything now.  *happy dance*


Well, wish me luck with that essay.  I thought it best to write it now, as I won’t have time tomorrow.


Saturday, 8 December 2007

Feeling Festive

My family had a busy time yesterday.  We put up our Christmas tree (though it seems a lot earlier this year), decorated it with baubles and fairy lights, and put various ornaments around the house.  It took a few hours and we were all exhausted at the end, but it is worth it because our home feels warm, cosy and Christmassy now.  I can’t wait for Santa to visit.  I hope you’ve all been good!


I took some photos of various things to keep myself occupied during my lazy day.  I hope you all enjoy them.


Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

It's Gone!

Today, I had the mole removed from my shoulder.  It was not life threatening, but I’m glad it’s off my back - literally.


I had an appointment at my local hospital at five past one this afternoon.  The procedure took about quarter of an hour.  The Doctor numbed the shoulder area and then cut out the mole.  I didn’t feel anything, except for the injection.


Then, the next thing I knew, I was stitched up and it was and over.  I have three stitches put in.  They shall be removed in eleven days time.  There will be a small scar where the mole used to be, because the tissue is thicker than anywhere else on my body.


I asked the Doctor if I could look at it before it was sent off to the lab for another biopsy.  I was very curious as I had never seen it on my back.  It was about the size of a five pence piece… very small.


I have been told that I must keep the dressing dry for 24 hours.  Also I must sleep on my stomach for a few nights while the wound heals.  The area is itching quite a bit, so I guess it’s healing.


Mum has suggested that I stay off school tomorrow and then see how I feel on Monday morning.  I guess I’m gonna be a lazy bum and lounge around in my pyjamas all day, while I pig out on a lot of Chocolate ice cream watching a DVD box set of “Friends”.  Hehe… yep… sounds like a good idea!


Have a good weekend everyone.


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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

My Favourite Time of the Year


This time of the year is magical for me.  I just love everything about Christmas.  I like to watch the old films shown on T.V, which are only shown during December.  Some of my favourites are “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “The Santa Clause” and “White Christmas”


The preparation of the turkey, the wonderful smells that come from the kitchen then sitting down to share Christmas Dinner with my loved ones, is great because there is a special feeling of togetherness.



There are the Christmas cards received and sent out to friends old and new. Decorating the Christmas tree is always a hassle to move from the attic, with its baubles and tinsel.  But it always looks wonderful and makes the living room feel warm and cosy.  Putting the star at the very top of the tree is very special too.  It gives you a very satisfied feeling knowing that the job is done.



It is always nice to hear the carol singers, and the special songs associated with this season.



All the things I have mentioned make the season happy and fun.  But we must not forget what Christmas is really about, the birth of baby Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem.



Usually on the last day of term before the Christmas term, my school holds a concert.  Children from the local Special school come along, and sing songs from their play for us.  Also our teachers dress up and perform in their own Christmas pantomime.  What a hoot!


Sunday, 2 December 2007

Rainy Day Shopping



Yesterday, I decided to go to Cardiff to start my Christmas shopping.  I did most of it.  I only have two more presents to buy, something for my uncle and mother.



I browsed around many shops.  But I spent most of my time in a shop called T.K. Maxx.  My uncle said it was one of his favourite shops.  Apparently, he hasbought many birthday and Christmas presents from the store.



I walked in and let out a big sigh.  All I could see was shelves of this, racks of that.  My initial reaction was “Oh My God, will I actually find anything here?”



But undaunted I made my way into the store.  I was determined this Christmas shopping was going to be done today.   I looked at this and that there was so much to choose from I hardly knew where to start!  This year, I was given no hints either – so that made the task even more difficult.



You can pick up some good bargains if you look in the right places.  All you need is a little bit of patience!



I have discovered you need plenty of that when you shopping for Christmas presents.  It is hard to think what the person would like.  That gives me a big headache, but all the agonising decisions are worth it when you see the person’s smile as they open your present on Christmas morning.